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Press Releases

National Feral Cat Day Oct. 16, 2011
Read September/October newsletter for post coverage of the event

Feral Cat Clinic Dates for 2012
Humane TNR program that sterilizes free-roaming and feral cats in our community

2011 Buddy's Feral Cat "Dream Team"

2010 Year-End Feral Cat Press Release
ARC's 2010 accomplishments with free-roaming and feral cats

ARC Brand Launch Release
Find our more about ARC's new branding and ad campaign!

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ARC rescues cats and dogs from euthanasia by providing proactive spay and neuter services. No animal should be killed to make room for another.

ANIMAL RESCUE COALITION (ARC) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to save animals for the benefit of humanity.